Do you remember what you’re waiting for?

Do you remember what you’re waiting for?

We’re all waiting for something. Thinking about some time when it’ll all be different. You know, a time that’s…well, a time that’s not now, anyway. We spend our lives waiting. When we’re young we’re waiting to be older. Then, when we’re finally more or less grown up, we’re waiting for that next thing that’ll make everything better, whatever it is, then the next, and the next, and the next, until finally we realize we’re just waiting for death as the next logical “next”.

But do you know why? Can you tell me?

We tell ourselves we’ll be happy just as soon as “x” happens. But just as soon as we get our “x”, we realize it’s actually “y” we need, to be happy, satisfied, and then “z”, and then, somehow, the alphabet expands and more letters appear out of nowhere. It’s a contract we sign in every today and break in every tomorrow. Why do we do that? Do we really need a hope that’s so false? Does it really help?

Waiting will not change anything. Where we are today is where we’ll be tomorrow, unless we change course. Beneath every hour that passes lies the grave of a step further we could have taken, a word of truth we could have said.

You cannot change anything tomorrow. You cannot make any decisions or judgments tomorrow. There is absolutely nothing you can do tomorrow. If you decide you want to do something tomorrow, you’re making an eternal judgment that it doesn’t need to be done, that it’s not worth doing. Because tomorrow is an eternity, a mystery, not within your grasp or control. There is only one time you have available for all the changes you want to make in your life, for anything that is worth doing, and that time is today. Is there anything worth doing? Do it today or don’t do it at all. It’s all you’ve got.

Do you remember what you’re waiting for? Cause I don’t.

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