Did you think where this path ends?

Did you think where this path ends when you made your choice?

With knowledge, would you make it again?

All that we do is because of all that we believe. Each decision, another step—to life, or to death.

To deny Truth to one along your way is to deny Life. To deny the other’s life, and your own. To place a poison in the other’s mind awakening every morning, corrupting every decision, shadowing every striving to grasp the shape of reality with its false premise.

Perhaps your lie will be seen for what it is and thrown away, and you will not have killed anyone today; or perhaps it will lead through belief to destruction.

Or did you think by the neutrality of silence you escape judgment? That not injecting poison is merit enough? But can a body live without air to breathe? Is the lack of poison in the air any less a guarantee of death in a world without oxygen? A world starved for truth, for understanding?

Wars are fought, peoples are extinguished, souls walk the long roads to their doom because of misunderstandings, false assumptions, confusion, lies.

Truth is required for life. When we hold it back, things change. Things change by action, and by inaction. Did you kill or did you only watch one die?

Do you think it makes a difference?

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